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We are the #1 Stainless Water Manifold Manufacturer for Mold Makers and your first choice in custom manifold fabrication, specializing in the manufacturing of stainless steel, brass and aluminum water manifolds. We offer a variety of materials and design specs to meet the needs of fabricators in a variety of industries. Whether you are looking for Plumbing Manifolds, Radiant Heat Manifolds or other Plastic Injection Mold Manifolds, you've come to the right place for low-cost, high-quality affordable manifolds!

Water Manifold Design, Repair and Accessories (Cylinders, Filters, Fittings, more):

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Stainless Steel & Steel Water Manifolds

Used on Plastic injection molds, Die cast molds and metal stamping presses and will not corrode when using acidic or alkaline water that come from chillers.  More info… / Build Your Manifold

Aluminum Manifolds *new*

Designed to be used for applications with air, water, oil and grease or any place a convenient an attractive connection is required. The quality 6061 aluminum manifolds are the best price and quality in the industry.  More info… / Build Your Manifold

Brass Water Manifolds

Designed to be used for applications with air, water, oil and grease or any place a convenient an attractive connection is required. The brass manifolds are designed specifically for corrosive fluids, that have low flow requirements and space is critical.  More info… / Build Your Manifold

Plumbing Manifolds

Plumbing manifolds are used by RV Manufactures, Solar Panel manufactures, Industrial plumbers and home-owners to create a centralized water distribution system using Pex Pipe. More info… / Build Your Manifold

Radiant Heat Manifolds

Used by Contractors, Plumbers and Home owners to create a distribution system for in floor heating in homes and industrial buildings and an ice melt system used in sidewalks and driveways. More info… / Build Your Manifold

Marine Raw Water Manifolds

Used to make a single point inlet manifold to properly distribute the raw water on your boat to the Engine, Head, and Wash down pump. More info… / Build Your Manifold

Hydraulic Manifolds

Used to make multiple hydraulic circuits with a single inlet port. More info... / Build Your Manifold

Why Buy from Affordable Custom Manifolds?

A.C.M. is a full service company that offers water manifolds and mold supplies for the construction and maintence of molds.  We offer new filters, cylinders, valves and pumps for the maintence of machinery and have a full service repair facility to rebuild all makes and models of hydraulic equipment.

Tool & Die

The Mold Division manufactures and distributes Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel water manifolds that are designed and built to your specifications. Build your Manifold online here. This division also offers hoses, flow dividers, fittings, brass water couplers & nipples for coolant lines along with hydraulic cylinders used in the mold design. Buy plastic injection mold accessories. Build a manifold for your mold.

Injection Mold Maintenance

The Filter & Strainer Division manufactures and distributes air, .hydraulic, and water filters for the maintence of machinery A.C.M. understands the importance of clean oil and has an extensive quality control dept to insure that every filter is of the highest quality and will give the best performance possible. The quality control dept has cross referenced over 200 brands nationwide to insure that when we ship a filter it will match your requirements.

Choose A.C.M. for all your water and hydraulic cylinder, valve and pump repairs.

The Automation Division distributes a full line of new air & hydraulic cylinders, valves and pumps along with hold down clamps and grippers. We offer a full repair service that can rebuild all brands of cylinders, valves and pumps. 

Machined Components

The machine center has state of the art equipment that allows us to supply Industry with Quality precision machined parts that are made to your specifications. Listed below are some of the services provided

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